Lifes Second Chance for our Equine Partners

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Here are some of the horses and ponies that have been lucky enough to find their way to the rescue and on to new permanent homes.

Many people have sighed for the 'good old days' and regretted the 'passing of the horse,' but today, when only those who like horses own them, it is a far better time for horses.          ~C.W. Anderson


Star was a 13-year old Thoroughbred mare who was rescued along with Midnite and Colton.  All three horses were owned by a person who found that feeding the horses was too expensive and shipping them off to sell for meat was much more profitable. The three were rescued from a horrible early death and found a safe and happy environment with us and a chance at a second life. Star was adopted after being with us for 6-months and found a new home with, her previous paddock mate Midnite, with twin girls and she is happy enjoying her peaceful and easy life with her new owners. 


Midnite was a Thoroughbred mare who was rescued along with Star and Colton. All three horses were owned by a person who found that feeding the horses was too expensive and shipping them off to sell for meat was much more profitable. The three were rescued from a horrible early death and found a safe and happy environment with us and a chance at a second life. Midnite was adopted after being with us for 6-months and found a new home, with her previous paddock mate Star, with twin girls and she is happy enjoying her peaceful and easy life with her new owners.


 Phoebe, a Belgian yearling filly, was rescued from an auction in 2009 on her way to the meat man. She was very much underweight when she first arrived but after spending a peaceful winter with us, where she recived alot of affection and friendly handling she put on the much needed weight and found her new home in the spring of 2010, where she is now a working farm horse.


Dylan is a Clyde/Thoroughbred cross gelding. He stands 17.1hh and came to us in 2004 after completing his career in dressage and than doing some wheelchair lift assist riding for disabled people. Now in his senior years at the age of 29 years old, he is still bright eyed, loves to boss the younger paddock mates around and loves attention, especially being groomed.

Dylan is still lightly ridden through the summer months as he loves knowing that he still has a purpose. He is fondly known as Mr. Dill Pickle or Grandpa, as he keeps all the young folk in line.

Dylan has found his forever home with Emerald hills Stable and will remain with Katherine and her family until his previous horse friends call him to the skies.

Sadly Dylan passed away in July 2013 at the age of 30, surrounded by his loved ones.

He waited till his Momma arrived to take his last breath. He provided years of service in so many ways over his years and the children all loved him....We miss our Mr. Pickle everyday but are happy that he is in a better place. Happy gallop over the Rainbow Bridge sweet and huggs always.


Count To Ten or "Count" as he is known is a registered 1999 Thoroughbred gelding. who came to us in 2004 with double bowed tendons and torn suspensory ligament. He was vanned off the track after the race he ran in caused his injuries.

Count was rehabilitated over a long one year period and has been adopted by Emerald Hills Stable where he will remain with Katherine and her family for the remainder of his life.

Count is a favourite of Katherine's and after having spent so much time together during his recovery, they have fostered a wonderfully loving and understanding relationship that she couldn't let him go to any other home but hers.

Count is a barn favourite and has found a wonderful career in Emerald Hills Stable's small part board program where is currently looking for a new riding companion whom he can teach the value and love of a horse to. 


Samuel is a Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross, who came to us in the early fall of 2009 (with Bart) as an older weanling. He was rescued from a feedlot situation and was covered in rain rot, ring worm and had severe internal parasites. Samuel had no trust for anyone or anything. He was also approximately 150-175 lbs. underweight and as a weanling colt, his condition could have been life threatening.

With time, patience and daily interaction we became less afraid and put on the much needed weight. Samule was adopted to a wonderful gentleman in the Whitby area, where he enjoys life as a pleasure horse. 


 Bart was a Quarter Horse cross who came to us in the early fall of 2009 (with Samuel) as an older weanling. He was rescued from a feedlot situationand was covered with rain rot, ringworm and had severe internal parasites. Bart was also approximatelt 150-175 lbs. underweight and as weanling his condition could have been life threatening.  Bart had no trust for anyone or anything.

Bart was able to overcome his condition by gaining the much needed weight and received the proper care. Bart was adopted to a pony farm whre he now enjoys life as a pleasure horse.


Auburn Speedster or "Speedy" as she is know is a registered 7-year old Thoroughbred mare. Standing 15.3 hh, Speedy did race for 3 years of her life and was retired from racing at 4-years old.  She had a slight blemish on her right hock from racing but it is and has remained sound.

Speedy does requie a bit of an experienced rider as she can have a bit of an attitude but is more show than action. Speedy does crib and has enjoyed 24/7 turnout throughout the summer months which gave her the time she needed ti put on a bit of weight. During the winter months, she has a stall and had been turned in and out daily by a 10-year old girl.

Speedy was adopted along with Lola and enjoys a loving and easy going life in her new forever home in Kingston, ON.


 Lola is a 9-year old registered (no papers) Paso Fino mare. We rescued Lola from an auction in the fall of 2011 as she headed for slaughter. After arriving at the farm Lola quickly beacme the herd leader. Lola was with us until the spring of 2012 when she was adopted with Speedy and now enjoys her wonderful loving owner in her new forever home in Kingston, ON.



 Just Go Easy or "Patch" as he is known was a registered (no papers) Thoroughbred gelding. Patch raced 5 times at Woodbine and won his first race out and placed fifth in his last race which was a stakes race.

Patch had lost his right eye at birth and has lived his entire life without it, so he doesn't know any different. He is a true sweetheart on the ground but does need some more groundwork completed.

Patch will go lame without shoe support and we will be working with our farrier to see what we can do to make life easier for him. He also, has a slight blemish on his right knee which doesn't effect him at all. We will be retraining him to be a pleasure horse.

UPDATE: Patch was adopted by a wonderful loving and experienced owner (who is one of our Blacksmiths) and he is now enjoying his new home and paddock mates of mini ponies.



Diesel is a 10-year old 17hh Clyde gelding. Diesel came to us in the summer of 2011, his previous owner had him from birth and after 10-years decided he no longer needed nor wanted Diesel and he was shipped to a meat auction. Diesel was rescued from the OLEX auction by another organization has been with us enjoying the paddocks and his large herd. 

Diesel has been adopted and will be residing in Eastern Ontario where he will be the partner of two Clydesdale mares and will have lots of work to keep him busy on his new owners well as daily loving and grooming... 


Cassie is a 4-year old Thoroughbred mare, she stands 16.1hh and still growing. Cassie arrived early May 2012 as an owner surrender, she was extremely underweight and suffered from being too stressed. She is super sweet, kind, very friendly and a loving young lady. She is doing very well here at the rescue and has made great paddock friends, fitting right in. We have enjoyed watching Cassie flourish and pack on the much needed weight. Cassie looks fantastic and is doing great.

We were recently informed that prior to coming to our Rescue, Cassie was ridden western and english and was working on jumping (2")....can handle and loves children !

Cassie has been adopted and we know that her new owner will love her as much as we have while she has been with us. She truly is a wonderful girl.....

UPDATE: Her new owner has decided to board her here with us,,,,we couldnt be happier...we get to see her grow and experience new and wonderful things.. !


 LANCE is a 6yr old PERCHERON gelding, standing 17hh.

He was a group save rescue through OLEX and was pulled from the OTTAWA feedlot and brought home to us here at Segunda Vida Equine Rescue. Lance is now available for immediate adoption, he is was a Mennonite cart horse and is fully broke to drive/pull/work. Breaking him to ride would not be difficult with this beautiful big gentle giant, he has the kindest eye of any Percheron I've ever met. Lance has been seen and treated by our farrier and his hooves no longer look like the picture below.

LANCE has found his forever home in North Bay area and will be broke to ride shortly as his new owner is VERY happy and proud to call him her own !!   He will enjoy a loving and easy going life as a pleasure and trail horse.


Hailey is a 9-year old registered (no papers) OTTB thoroughbred mare. Hailey arrived in June 2012 and is a sweet mare. Hailey stands 15.3hh, she is a stunning blood bay with two white hind socks.

She was ridden by a 12-year old girl but kept coming up lame on her right knee. We have had her assessed by our vet ...2-days after she arrived. She has a soft tissue injury and will heal, x-rays are on file. She wil be with us while she is healing to ensure that she has the proper time to do so. Hailey can be ridden walk/trot/canter but will not be allowed to jump. We look forward to working with her and will post updates. 

UPDATE : Hailey came sound and was adopted at the end of September 2012.....she is now enjoying a easy going life and loving environment with her new owner and her family.



La Gran Leslie- ARIA - ADOPTED

Aria has been adopted and is enjoying her forever home.



Belle is a Thoroughbred mare that was rescued from auction. She along with three other TB mares found their way to our rescue and have been enjoying some rest and stability and Belle is ready for her forever home. Belle is 6-years old and stands 16.1hh.

Belle is a solid dark bay. Belle is very friendly and loves people and is a solid build. Belle is an open slate and ready for the discipline of your choice.

BELLE has found her loving forever home in Northern Ontario with Janique who is ecstatic to have her in her life....she will enjoy a warm caring and loving environment with the very best of care....Beautiful girl BELLE.


R2 is a 6-year old arabian gelding. He is the son of Massalla (still available for adoption). He is not broke to ride. His previous owner had hopes of breaking him but due to unforeseen circumstances was unable to do so and was also unable to keep the horses. R2 is very docile and sweet, but can be slightly stubborn due to his immaturity. He is not mean.

R2 wants to learn, is very inquisitive... he needs a patient person to bring him along.

UPDATE: MARCH 2013 -- R2 has been adopted - He is now residing in Caledonia, ON with his new momma - Tara.....congrats to both of you  <3


Queen is a 17hh registered with papers Percheron Mare that was rescued from an early end as she was headed for slaughter. Through a network of other horse enthusiasts and fellow rescues we were able to save this mare from a sad end and provide her a safe place to rest while she awaits her forever home. 

Queen has now found a wonderful and loving forever home with her new mom - thrilled to have her and start her riding career enjoying quiet and long hacks on the peaceful trails....we will miss her grace and presence but are very excited that she has found her new forever home !



Theo is a rising 5-year old Thoroughbred gelding. Theo currently stands 15.2hh

Theo is not registered and did not race. He has off property show experience and goes walk/trot and is working on his canter.

We are happy to announce that Theo has found his forever home and didn't go alone. He will share his new home with a paddock mate from the farm. We are overjoyed to see him find such loving and excited owners who will love him and spoil him as all equines deserve.


Layah is a 5-year old OTTB registered (no papers) Thoroughbred bay mare. Layah is race broke w/t/c and is 15.1hh, she is sound, no vices and sane. Good bone and great feet.

Layah would make a wonderful prospect for any discipline, she is an open slate.

Congratulations to the Bilodeau family on the acquisition of their newest family member....we look forward to the updates and pictures.. 


Misko is an approximately 9-year old Paint pony cross and she stands14.3hh

Rescued as she was headed to slaughter, this pretty mare is ready to start her new career.

She was lovingly adopted by Robin and her family and now enjoys a relaxed, fun and easy going life as a pleasure and family locally allows us to visit her....Congrats Robin ! 


Sonnit is a 20-year old Appaloosa gelding who came to the rescue as an owner surrender. Sonnit had previously been at a retirement home but he was returned to his owner who was unable to accommodate him at that time.

Sonnit was loosing weight as he was being chased from the hay by the herd. Sonnit is said to be sore although trained for jumping and dressage he hasn't been worked in years and can handle light riding. 

Sonnit has been adopted and now resides in the Oakville area....loving his new momma !!



Massala has been adopted and is enjoying her forever home in Marmora, ON.

 Bree was a wonderful, tall and kind mare.   She came to us with severe rotation in both of her front feet....and over the course of almost a year and half, although she was managing, due to her age, life of breeding and the complications of her hoof condition, she succumbed to too much pain and was humanely laid to rest in the summer of 2014.  She was a true fighter and knew she was very loved until the end....RIP our sweet girl <3
Treasure was an amazing story.
She came to us severely underweight and appeared to have been beaten in her face. She had been sold in foal and after arriving at the the farm she lost her foal and her life drastically changed.
Not wanted nor needed, she was left to starve and was mistreated, while other horses on that same property remained well fed and well treated. She was shipped to the auction house where she was purchased by a "meat man" and after arriving at the feedlot we were able to get her out of the situation and get her to our farm and to safety.
Treasure, was so thin and so weak. She was a fighter, she wouldn't give up and neither would we.
She quickly began to gain weight and quickly became one of our favourites. She relaxed and started to become a horse once again, somewhat of a diva as well.
We posted Treasure on our website and just a few short weeks later we were contacted by someone who knew Treasure's original owner and trainer. They were astonished to see her at our Rescue and even more upset when we told them of her story. Just a few hours later we received a very emotional call from Treasure's original owner and trainer who were deeply saddened by her story but overjoyed that we had rescued her and that she didn't end up at the slaughter house.
They came just a few hours later and picked up Treasure from the Rescue and took her home. They have said that Treasure will never go anywhere else, and that she will always keep Treasure with her, Treasure is at her Forever Home.
We are so happy that Treasure found her happy ending.

Secret is a 15-year old, 15.1hh chestnut (dark liver chestnut) Quarter Horse mare. She came to the Rescue after being bailed out of the feedlot as she was headed for slaughter. Secret completed her quarantine time here at the Rescue and is ready for her forever home.

Secret is well broke to ride and after her assessment ride we feel that she was used as a school horse, she knows her cues, she can be a bit saucey and has a little more "go" than "whoa", but Secret would make an outstanding hunter for someone who can be assertive yet kind. but would also be a wonderful Western mount.

Secret has been adopted by Brooke who is extremely excited to own her first horse.

Brooke and Secret share a bond that was created while Brooke rode Secret to assess her riding ability for the Rescue.

We are overjoyed for both Secret and Brooke and are happy that they are together forever.  We will get to continue to see the relationship grow as Secret is remaining boarded on the farm with her new owner.



Rhymes was one of early Rescues that came to us just after we officially opened our doors.

She has been with us for over a year and although not riding sound she would make a lovely companion animal. She has enjoyed a care free life living in the paddock. We are so happy that she has ound her forever home, especially with someone ffrom her past before she ended up at auction.

They are happy to have found her thinking that she had been shipped for slaughter, they will keep her safe and give her all the love and pampering that she needs.

We are so very happy that Rhymes has found her forever home. All the best to Rhymes and her new human companion.

These loving girls were rescued from a slaughter bound feedlot in the early summer of 2013.  
They have both been lovingly adopted by two separate families...Daisy went to the London area and Daphne went to the Marmora area.....updates from the adoptive families are always positive and comical...We are very happy they have found their forever homes.

Mercedes was rescued from a feedlot as she was headed to slaughter early this year (2013). 

Mercedes is a 16hh Thoroughbred cross, flea bitten grey mare.

Mercedes has finally found her forever home as we continued to ask why this beautiful mare was still with us. She was recognized by a previous owner who had lost track of her four years ago. She has found her happy ending and we wish Mercedes and her new owner all the best.


Lacey is a 16-year old, 15hh, dark bay/black Thoroughbred mare. Lacey came from a feedlot situation and was headed for slaughter.

Lacey is an OTTB mare and was used as a broodmare, her riding history was unknown at the time we acquired her, but after completing her quarantine period was tacked up and ridden.

Lacey has amazed us with her willingness to co-operate and continues to do everything  asked of her through her walk, trot, canter and transitions. 

Lacey has finally found her forever home with a lovely woman who fell in love with this beautiful and gentle mare. We wish Lacey and Anita all the best in their journey together.


Henry and Hannah are a lovely, friendly and well-mannered young team of Belgians that found their forever home. This mare and gelding are 4-5 years old and 18.1hh each.
They are both broke to harness/drive and the gelding is green broke to ride and has been ridden on the road, both are still in need of groceries but are coming along nicely.

Henry and Hannah were adopted by an amazing couple Anna and Jim who will provide them the care and love that every horse should never go without. 

Congratulations to everyone especially these two horses who are safe and at Home.


Socks has been adopted by a great couple who are very excited to offer this gorgeous boy a forever home. We are super happy for Socks, Michael and Ron. 


Sonja is a 6-year old 16.2hh, Clydesdale mare. 

Sonja was a direct OLEX auction save. 3 weeks prior to the birth of her filly she was acquired from the OLEX livestock auction where she was destined for slaughter.

She is broke to drive single and double, she was Mennonite owned prior to auction. Sonja is not broke to ride, and she is a lovely dark liver colour with four white socks and a large white blaze. She has beautiful feathers.  

Sonja has been adopted and will be enjoying her new forever home, we wish her all the love and success in her new life.




Crantini is a registered (with papers) 4-year old Thoroughbred mare.

Crantini stands 16.1hh and is beautiful bay with a large white stripe and two stockings and one hind sock. She was raced last year and then re-homed in Milton prior to her rescue from the feedlot.

She has completed her quarantine time and gained some much needed weight before finding her forever home. We are pleased to see this beautiful and lovely mare find her own place and wish her and her adopter well in their journey together.  


Chico is a stunning rising 15-year old Canadian stallion. He was located at our foster farm near Shelburne, ON. 

Chico had been ridden regularly and is broke to pull single and double.

Chico has been adopted by his foster family and we are so happy for Heather, her husband but especially for Chico. This lovely boy deserves only the best and Heather and her husband, Chico's new partner, will ensure he has everything he needs as well as everything he could ever want.

So extremely happy for Chico.  


Flower is a beautifully bred 5-year old thoroughbred mare, with impressive lineage and is a OTTB chestnut with a white star and one hind sock.

She shares the same sire as the 2012 Kentucky Derby winner "I'll Have Another". Flower has found her forever home and we couldn't be happier for her, we wish her well in her new life where she will be loved and spoiled.


Bam Bam is a 10-year old, 16.1hh solid chestnut (more sorrel) gelding. 

Bam Bam is a Suffolk Punch which is a rare breed of horse that is listed as critical on the UK Rare Breeds Survival Trust and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. You can read more about Suffolk's here:

Bam Bam was rescued from a feedlot, he was Mennonite owned prior to being sent to auction. He is said to be broke to pull.

Bam Bam has been adopted by a wonderful family who will break him to ride and enjoy him as a trail horse. His wonderful friendly nature sold himself, we wish him and his new family well on their journey together. Bam Bam will also be joined at his new forever home with another rescue, Madison the Clyde/Hackney filly. 


Madison is a yearling Clydesdale/Hackney filly. Her mother was a feedlot rescue and 3 weeks after arriving at the Rescue, Madison was born. 

Madison has been well handled since birth and is such a love bug.

Madison has been adopted by a great family, located close to the Rescue, they fell in love with Maddy as everyone seems to, Maddy will also be joined at her new forever home with another rescue horse, Bam Bam the Suffolk Punch gelding. We look forward to hearing about Maddy's progress and training in the future.  



Boomer is a 12-year old, 11.3hh roan pony gelding. He is broke to ride and he was rescued from a feedlot in Ottawa. Boomer has been adopted and now his own forever home.



Bella is a 20-year old pony mare, she is broke to ride and has been there, done that and even got the t-shirt.

She is great for beginners and as a confidence builder for younger and smaller riders. She has many years left for loving and has finally found her forever home after her years of travels that brought to our Rescue.  


Cayenne was a slaughter bound feedlot rescue. She was in foal when she arrived but sadly her foal was still born just a few weeks after arriving at the Rescue. Cayenne has captured the heart of her new owners and found herself a forever home. We hope for a life full of happiness and love for this little girl.  



Victor is a 7-year old, beautiful bay Thoroughbred gelding.

Victor has been through the auction and rescued from feedlot twice in his short life and that is two times more than any horse should ever go through.

Victor has found his forever home and will never have to go through an auction again, we wish Victor and his owners nothing but happiness and a solid partnership as both deserve it.


Freddie is a 2-year old, 14.3hh, Suffolk Punch gelding. He was a feedlot rescue and came through the sale a week after his friend from the same barn (Bam Bam) did, who was also a Suffolk Punch. 

Freddie has been well handled while at the Rescue and is a big love bug. Though we will miss him we happily shed tears of joy as he travels to his new forever home where he will receive the care and love that all horses deserve. 


Bandit is a 22-month old, 14.1hh, Paint pony gelding who was rescued from the feedlot just hours from being shipped.

This funny little pony was full of energy and always brought a smile to the staff and volunteers faces.

Bandit has been adopted and we are overjoyed to see this little fellow in a home of his very own.

We look forward to updates as Bandit grows, becoming the little gentleman we know he will be.  



Suzie Q, was a feedlot rescue and arrived very big and healthy, initially believed to be in foal, after an ultrasound we found that Suzie Q is not in fact in foal and was just enjoying the pampering and extra attention she received. 

Suzie Q is a very sweet mare, was believed to have been used for pony rides at birthday parties for children.

Suzie has found her forever home and family and we couldn't be more pleased to see another of our rescues find a loving home.  


Bailey - 3yr old Appy Mini Mare

Bailey is a 3-year old Appy Mini pony mare who was rescued from a feedlot. Bailey has been adopted.   Bailey is a friendly little girl who can go on to have a job maybe pulling a cart or being a kids riding companion. Bailey will require training as she is not broke at this time, but is a sweet heart who we believe won’t disappoint. 

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