Lifes Second Chance for our Equine Partners

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This page holds the pictures and memories of equines that have left the farm but have also left their hoof prints on our hearts.


JUNE 1 - 2012

Very sad day for me today...woke up to find my beloved KAM had passed away...he was 9 years old.  Rescued as a starved and skin and bone weanling in 2003 and destined for slaughter the day he was rescued, he was the driving force behind my official opening of Segunda Vida Equine Rescue....he survived much adversity, was the babysitter to all my weanling TB`s and the horse any of the kids of any age could lead and hang out with.  Although he should have reached a minimum of 15.2hh, due to his starvation as a baby, he never grew past a very lean 14.3hh.....

KAM, I love you so much and will miss you with each passing day ....we will be planting a commemorative memory tree on the farm for you …......your memory will live on and your tree will grow and be here for everyone to see and remember you by.....

RIP KAM my sweet boy--mommy loves you and will miss you forever...

Run free and be happy over the Rainbow have left beautiful hoofprints on my heart and have forever changed me.

Your impact on my life has made me the person I am today and has given me the strength and courage to go on to help as many horses as I can – regardless of ANY circumstance and you are the reason why SEGUNDA VIDA EQUINE RESCUE has opened its doors to all equines.  


Romeo was a 26-year old Quarter Horse gelding. Romeo came to us in late winter after he and 12 others were left in a field, abandoned, their owner had passed away, prior to his passing their owner had been terminally ill, so it was impossible to accurately tell how long it had been since any of the horses had proper nutrition or proper care. Unfortunately, some of Romeo's paddock mates were not so lucky to find help.

Romeo had become a permanent resident here at Segunda Vida Equine Rescue as well as his other geriatric paddock mate, Ace, who is also a rescue.

Romeo was coming along wonderfully we managed to get him to a healthy weight and our kids/younger partboarders through our farm spent time grooming him and lightly riding him, which he loved and did everything they asked of him and was so proud to oblige. Over the last couple of months however, he had started to lose weight again and gradually decline.

Unfortunately, on October 22 2012, Romeo left us for a better place, we are saddened to have lost such a gentle soul. I would like to sincerely acknowledge Heather Foster for all her efforts and for being such a great foster Mom.

May he have a wonderful gallop over the Rainbow Bridge, we miss you old boy, just know that you were loved until the very end and we were fortunate enough to have had you enrich our lives.


Colton was a 20-year old Thoroughbred stallion that we rescued from a fate of slaughter in the winter of 2009. A wonderful boy who's owner decided that feeding him was getting too expensive and shipping him for meat would be more profitable. he was with us until the spring of 2010, only 4-1/2 months, when he succumbed to a bout of Impaction Colic. He was a very special boy.

His last few months with us were full of love and attention. He received safety and security knowing he had a warm stall at night and big paddocks to frolic in the day. RIP Colton, we miss you dearly.


On Sunday July 14, 2013, we said goodbye to our dear and sweet Epona.   Epona came to us in the summer of  2012 being 3yrs old and 16.3hh and came  originally as an owner surrender as her ongoing costs would have been too much to handle for the owner.   Epona had a wonderful and loving personality--loved to be fussed over and groomed - especially by children.  She was also the most severe Founder case we had ever experienced (also speaking for our vet and farrier).  Everything that could have been done was tried but in the end the pain and the severe abscessing and infection  was too much for her to bare.  She was laid to rest on July 14, 2013.  She provided the inspiration for a number of our students and volunteers to consider a career in helping horses and possibly pursue a career in farrier work or veterinary medicine so they could go on to assist other equines in need.....

We will miss you Epona - you touched us all deeply with those beautiful big brown "doe" eyes and strong heart of determination to want to keep trying....the heavens were calling and now you can gallop over the Rainbow Bridge free of all pain....

RIP Sweet Girl   <3 <3   

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