Lifes Second Chance for our Equine Partners

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Quotes Hi Kathrine, I want to thank you again for saving Lance's life. We just went on your first equine poker run (about 70 horses and rides were there) and he did amazing. Finally got him to canter and canter full speed. It was amazing, did this all with saddle bags. We have been working towards this partucual event and it was worth every minute, with 9 months under saddle he was outstanding. Thank you again for saving his life. We are living it to the fullest. Your rescue was mentioned a few times today;) Thanks Again for what you do!!!!!!! Quotes
Percheron gelding "LANCE " Adopter

Quotes First off before saying anything else I just want to say that I think what you do is amazing! It breaks my heart to hear about horses killed because nobody wanted them and you are the people who save those precious lives and give the much deserving creatures their forever home! Thank you! I am an avid horse lover. I always have been. Some people say i will "grow out of it" but I assure you that with every fiber of my being I will not. Sadly, I cannot adopt at the time as I am waiting to learn more about horses and have a good job before becoming a horse owner. However I do plan on buying my first horse within the next 3 years and I will strongly consider adopting a horse from your rescue. From one horse lover to another... Keep doing what you're doing =) Cait Quotes
Avid Horse Lover and Rescue Supporter

Quotes I came across the ad for Belle (now MyLeigh) on Kijiji..knowing she had been rescued by Segunda Vida and was looking for a forever home, I sent an email right away. After seeing pictures, and being informed about her, I thought she was the perfect horse for me. When the adoption process was complete, and I saw my horse for the first time, I couldnt believe that she was truly mine. Ive had her now for almost 3 weeks (at the time of this writing) and I couldnt be happier. She settled in so well and is such a sweet mare. I started working with her on the ground-continually amazed by her intelligence, patience and how willing she is to learn new things. After spending many hours with her brushing and bonding, she puts the biggest smile on my face every day when she greets me at the fence with perky ears and nickers. I believe that I have finally found my forever horse. Huge thank you Segunda Vida for allowing Belle and I to find each other. Quotes
Janique Monette
Thrilled with her new mare MYLEIGH (formerly BELLE)

Quotes LOVE what you do, thank god for people like you. I am outspoken on my disgust of people who send their unwanted horses to slaughter for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars to put them down kindly. So thank you for all you do! Rhonda Quotes
Rhonda Potter
Equine Lover and Segunda Vida Rescue supporter

Quotes I think the world of what you are doing and think you are an angel. I rescued 9 horses back in December and have found homes for all of them (3 are still with me). Keep up the fantastic work If I can help any other way I will!!! You are doing an amazing thing for horses and the humans that love them. Quotes
Merebeth Knox
Horse Lover and Segunda Vida supporter

Quotes Thank you for working so hard to save horses from slaughter! With people like you the world is a better place Quotes
On the Group Rescue of LANCE--6yr old Percheron gelding

Quotes Linda Ricker mentioned you in a comment on Facebook... Linda wrote: "Segunda Vida Equine Rescue has the well being of equine friends first in mind. I know that first hand as I was one of those people that made the wrong decision. Its a shame people selling cant be more honest.... They welcomed my poor mare which I'm forever thankful. I wish there were more people like the friends at Segunda Vida Equine Rescue." Quotes
Linda Ricker
Former TB owner

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